They are completely curable. Science, to some extent has overwhelmed the forces of nature. Our meteorologists can forecast the mood of nature. They can draw out strategies in advance to combat the evil impact of storms and hurricanes. The invention of mechanical man or robot as it is popularly called is one of greatest wonders of science in recent times. The days are not far when these mechanical men would replace the human labour and intellectual skill making human life less fatiguing and much more comfortable.

In the field of commerce and industry the electronic machines are doing wonderful service the astonishing speed and accuracy with which this machine works is really appreciable. Vast accounts of data can be handled effectively and efficiently at a very fast rate.

Essays On Service To Mankind

Computers have taken up key roles in all fields of activity including banking, railways, share markets, scientific essay on service to mankind is service to god, weather forecast, agriculture, designing, space research and technology, communication and media, medical science, aviation, traffic control, language learning, literature and many more. An invention of miraculous dimensions, computer today has become indispensable for human beings.

TV transmission is one of those marvels of modern science which has brought about immense change in society. The intimate associations of viewers mould and shape their life in a thousand different ways. No other mass media is as effective a catalyst of change in the life of modern man as is TV today.

During the last half century, it has almost reshaped our civilisation and ushered us into a world that is far more different from that of our ancestors. TV is a media so powerful that it can instantly mould public opinion, bring far reaching policy reversals of governments and even push into seats of power little known personalities after boosting their election prospects with the most effective use of its image making and propaganda channel.

The impact of TV, radio, and cinema has crept into the thinking, feeling and reasoning faculties of the vast section of their users.

Essay on service to mankind is service to god

One of the delightful curiosities of science is the mechanism of spacecraft. It can circle around our earth at a stunning speed of hundreds of miles per second. One such spacecraft Discovery very recently completed its successful round to space with renowned astronaut Suita Williams.

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An essay on service to mankind is service to god

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Discover India. You may also like. Short Essay on Science. Welcome, Login to your account. Forget password? Remember me. Sign in Recover your password. A password will be e-mailed to you. Jane schaffer essay service is a way of giving back to society a tiny portion of what one has taken from it.

The world is full of poverty, disease, and suffering. There are opportunities for social service everywhere. To raise a fallen man is a social service, to help an old lady out of a bus is social service to take a blind man across a road is social service. Such acts put sunshine into a dark life. There are many inspiring examples of social and humanitarian service. Florence Nightingale, the Lady of the Lamp, gave a new turn to nursing by her selfless service to the sick and dying.

Madam Curie dedicated by her life to the task of making science serves mankind. The upshot is that we should initially help the people from the poor families and admit the children in schools and provide books, free food. We should always keep a regular touch with these extended families and is indispensable to keep them in robustness and condition and try to help in their anguish from sickness.

So we must every living thing with equal respect and always try to help our fellow human beings. There is a story about a cobbler written by Leo Tolstoy. The cobbler was living essay on service to mankind is service to god as his last son died when he was just 12 years old. He was a very pious person and whenever he got tired he was reading about god. One day he had a dream in which god came to him and said that he will visit the cobbler the next day. Hate doing homework my kids. Help me do my essay.

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Essay On Service To Humanity Is Service To God - Essay On Service To Humanity Is Service To God

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Essay on service to mankind is service to god

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Essay on service to mankind is service to god

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